If you kill a soldier on the mountains, then kill the vulture eating him, you will see a soldier's ghost being pecked at by a vulture ghost.

Then, go to the east side. Rokovoj Bereg: On the highest point of a tree in the south. You should see it right on the edge. South Ponizovje: At the very beginning of the area, look to the northwest. 34. Sometimes, but not always, you will even be able to move around your view with the Left Analog-stick (for example, at the beginning of Operation Snake Eater when you are in the jet, look up to see a hidden picture of a model). Shoot when he either is about to shoot you, is prancing around, or does not have wasps protecting him like body armor. Wait a little while to play (or use Healing Radio). In the area before you enter the warehouse, The End is sitting in his wheelchair. When you first get to the Groznyj Grad, there are Ocelot's guard's. (the second area after you finally leave the After you take out the Raiden look-alike, you’ll be tortured. He stops at two places in front of the door where he can easily be shot. When Granin shows you the plans for Metal Gear: REX, he will say he is sending it to a friend in the United States.

Stand near the red door and look up and to the south and you should see it. All rights reserved. Look in the northeast corner of the lake to find the Kabuki Face Paint. Using the thermal goggles and your MK22. 54.

At the title screen, press L3 to change the background pattern color. Note: Be careful as patrols can hear Snake vomit. When you retrieve it, do not look in your food items area. When wearing Raikov's uniform, get in the box while people are watching. You will wake up from the dream that you had about battling The Sorrow. The bird will appear there, as long as you go there first. Once you see that, shoot as fast as possible. Groznyj Grad Runway (part 1): On a sign on the left side of the road after you turn about halfway through the area. You have to have everyone's costume. Start editing the colors and you will notice faces of the game developers in the photos.

49. George Sanders Radio, While the name is displayed, press Circle to change the credits to the person that provided the dialogue in the Japanese version of the game.

Quickly switch to any weapon except for the knife and shoot him. Select 'Map' and enter the following code: When you die and the words GAME OVER come up on the screen, sit there for about 20 seconds and the letters start to shift around. Do this by shooting tranqs in the trees while aiming for The End. He will try to flush the toilet, and it will become clogged.

When the fight starts, The Boss will attack. It will raise your camo up to 75 to 80 no matter where you are, but there is a catch.

Take out a grenade. It is perched on the southeast corner of the building. The arrow will remain stuck inside of you for the entire game. Graniny Gorki South: In a tree in the northwest corner. Additionally, when you are helping her through the woods after the crash, go to the survival viewer and view her skeleton. If you take too long, the game will continue on and you can't get the camo. To escape Volgin's torture unharmed, hold R2. During the game when you radio Sigint after talking to Granin, Sigint will mention someone in the States writing a paper on a bi-pedal walking tank and hint at Hal's father: "Emmerson? Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West: On a table against the west wall in the room with the TV. Do not attack; the more you hit a guard in caution or alert mode, the more the alert or caution mode will rise and make it difficult for you to escape.

Call that while standing in front of door to open it. Then, kill them with any of your EZ or other guns and they will be down for awhile. After you complete the game, you should get a Single Action Army or a Patriot. Cambell will then yell at Snake for creating a time paradox. After a while, Snake will wake up shocked. If he eats one of these, he will exclaim, "It's poison!"

"And then when I was 17..." means that she is telling Snake about her life, and only got up to 17 years old here. Go to the building where steal Raikov's clothing. This will knock her out. Press L1 and take out your revival pill. If you see or hear a snake near you and if your stamina and health are down, attack and eat it.

About halfway into the grassy area, there should be a hole in the wall which leads into a duct. After the third time an intermission sequence will begin, where Snake and Johnny talk, and he gives Snake his cigs with the knock out gas. In the fight, call Para Medic, EVA, or anyone else and they will think you are dead. Basically with anything that you capture, either animals or plants, you can get a laugh from calling her because she describes them all. Look at the map, and find his position. Note: Use the following trick to keep the Tsuchinoko when you lose the food when Snake gets captured at Groznyj Grad. Equip your Snow Camo and put on your Desert facepaint. West Sokrovenno: The far South at the end of the river. You can use the D-pad or Right Analog-stick to scroll through your equipped items.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins: On a shelf near the entrance (to Mountaintop). Climb over the logs to get a shot at it. Run to his position, and when you get near, walk slowly towards him. Press L1 to place the black silhouette from the foreground to the background. During the second time you are given a chance to do this, if you look around you will see the robot from Zone Of The Enders and Metal Gears Ray and Rex action figures. Note: You can only shoot her twice. Walk into the corpse and you will die. Iamx Screams,

When this happens, a hidden intermission sequence begins, showing him picking you up and carrying you all the way back to Graniny Gorki, with the Japanese model and the frog on the table. Note: The "Sick Snake" can be done when standing and crouching. He will give you a radio frequency number. There is a model of Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid 1, A model of Metal Gear Ray from metal gear solid 2, and a model of Jehuty from Zone of the enders 1 and/or 2. Therefore, all your food will be rotten.

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