A Computer a Phone and a Cup of Coffee...

Do you own a computer, phone, and a mug to enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage of choice from? (JK - the mug and caffeine are optional)

If so, you’re in luck!

You have pretty much all of the materials required to be a Surplus Recovery Agent.

What is a Surplus Recovery Agent you ask?

Allow me to break it down for you real quick...

When houses are sold at tax foreclosure auctions, the leftover sum (anything above the amount owed in taxes) is known as a Surplus or Overage.

These Surpluses belong to the former homeowners who have been foreclosed on and are usually HUGE.

The problem is that most victims of foreclosure have NO IDEA that they are owed these funds.

If a Surplus goes unclaimed for a certain period of time, the county gets to KEEP EVERYTHING (which is why counties make no effort contacting former homeowners about the sums they’re owed).

That means every single day, THOUSANDS of people who have just lost their homes also miss out on HUGE funds owed to them by the government.

Don’t go losing hope just yet though --- you can do something to help.

As a Surplus Recovery Agent, you can help victims of foreclosure recover their Surplus funds, and earn fantastic finders fees for your efforts (usually 5-6 figures per claim).

The best part? You don’t have to risk ANYTHING to start recovering surpluses.

All you need to learn more about the business is a phone, a laptop, and my training…

Click the following link to register now >>> https://surplusrecoveryagent.com/register